Tech companies eat more cash than ever

It’s easier than ever to start a tech business, but harder than ever to be the biggest.  It’s also expensive. We did an analysis looking at the amount of capital raised by 147 tech companies prior to going public.  These……

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VC will own half your business

How much of your company will VC own at the time you exit? We looked at the level of VC ownership of 122 tech companies at the time they went public to answer that question.  The median and average level……

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Strategic investors are not important

Strategic investors, defined as corporations that make venture investments, can be a valuable source of capital but are they critical? No.  We dug through the S1’s of 122 tech companies and found that only 22 of them had a strategic……

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Solution selling in software

I just finished reading Strategies That Win Sales by Mark Marone & Seleste Lunsford.  It’s worth a deeper read, and below are some of our favorite excerpts.   Support depends on complexity.  “Organizations with highly technical products will require live……

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Autopsy of a dead startup

In 2017 we had our first zero at Blossom Street Ventures.  I’ll withhold the name of the company, but I do want to share key learnings from that experience. Below is an autopsy of a dead company.   Build a……

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