SaaS may be recession proof

SaaS Capital, a lender to software businesses, put out an excellent research piece which examined the performance of publicly traded SaaS businesses during the recession.  The 3 page research report is well worth the read, and we decided to summarize……

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Industry determines tech IPO’s, not vintage

IPO’s are not only an exit, they’re usually also a company’s largest capital raise.  Below we look at the size of 106 tech IPO’s.  The overall takeaway: i) the larger the size of your market, the more money you’re going……

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How to negotiate with VC – part 2

Below is a continuation of a recent blog post about a book called Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.  Chris was one of the premiere FBI Hostage Negotiators in the world, and his tactics could be useful for negotiating……

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The right approach to SaaS sales, onboarding, CS, and patents

Last week we met with a SaaS business that in our view is doing literally everything right.  Below some of my notes which I think any software executive will find helpful.   Customer Success.  At this company, customer success reps……

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The chances you won’t be the CEO at exit

When you finally exit or IPO, will you be the CEO or will someone else be running the company? It’s a great question so we dug into 105 IPO’s to figure it out.  Specifically, we looked at the CEO at……

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