Current Partners

Idealgrowth Ventures works closely with entrepreneurs to understand their vision for their business and long-term goals. Based on this insight, we work to develop the core technology platform, as well as provide strategic advice regarding business model and growth plans. The objective is to partner with entrepreneurs to create a platform which will serve as a scalable foundation to help grow their business.

Vela | Wood is a Dallas based law firm that focuses on start-ups, capital raises and commercial real estate. Their attorneys are intelligent, dynamic and agile, a calming presence in today’s shifting business paradigm.

With several entrepreneurs in their ranks, Vela | Wood truly understands what goes into building a business – preparation, planning, sacrifice and adaptability. Vela | Wood regularly assists clients at every stage from inception through exit. When you start your business, you not only want a law firm who can interpret the legal-ease, but a partner who can guide you to success. Vela | Wood can be that partner.