Tell investors everything

If you’re not communicating with your investors regularly (at least monthly), you should be.  Here’s why:   The more info you share, the fewer questions you’ll answer.  I can attest to this personally.  At BSV we have a lot of……

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A great VC story

eBoys by Randall Stross is a classic. It chronicles the early days of one of the finest venture funds ever: Benchmark. Below are some of the excerpts I found most valuable.    “When Benchmark invested $6.7mm in eBay in 1997,……

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SMB focus is challenging

We’ve always believed there is a valuation discount for SaaS businesses that focus exclusively on SMB customers.  To see if this is true, we compared publicly traded SaaS companies that focus on SMB customers to those that focus on enterprise……

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Non-recurring revenue is important

Everyone loves recurring revenue and rightly so: it’s far more valuable than one-time revenue to VC and acquirers.  But, don’t forsake one-time revenue.  Whether it’s for services, onboarding, licensing, or some other one-time event, revenue of this type is incredibly……

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Hiring software sales reps

We had a good conversation with one of our SaaS companies where we discussed sales rep efficiency.  The Company has two seasoned reps which are generating a respectable 2.6x and 3.2x as much bookings as we pay them.  In other……

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