Negotiate with your VC

I just read a book called Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss. Chris was one of the premiere FBI Hostage Negotiators in the world, and his tactics could be useful for negotiating with customers, vendors, and of course your……

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Tech founder ownership levels

Snapchat cofounders Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy owned a combined 44% of Snapchat before it went public. Mark Zuckerberg owned 31% of Facebook, Sergey Brin and Larry Page owned 31% of Google, the founders of Eventbrite owned 35%, and Reed……

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The ok level of SaaS burn

Of the 62 SaaS businesses that have gone public which we follow, 51 of them were not profitable at the time they went public; that’s 82%. Clearly a certain level of burn is ok so long as you’re growing, but……

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SaaS best practices

Last week we met with a SaaS business that in our view is doing literally everything right.  Below some of my notes which I think any software executive will find helpful. Customer Success.  At this company, customer success reps are……

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Protecting founders from dilution

Valuation is more important than capital raised to preserve your ownership. To determine this, we looked at founder ownership relative to equity raised for 110 publicly traded tech companies. Our goal was to see if founders that raised less capital……

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