selling to enterprise customers

I recently re-read “Hope is not a Strategy – The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale” by Rick page.  The book is fantastic and while below are some excerpts which I found valuable. “The shrinking half life of technology……

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Strategic investors are terrible

Often we hear founders get excited about strategic investors – corporations making venture investments – because the founders think the strategic investor will assist with the product roadmap, become a customer, intro the company to new customers, add credibility, and……

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Measuring cohorts

For any B2C business, cohort performance is critical.  A cohort is a set of customers acquired during a certain time period – for instance the January 2018 cohort is all customers acquired in January 2018.  Key metrics in evaluating cohort……

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Streaming music trends

When a company files to go public, they do so by submitting a document called an S1 to the SEC.  An S1 is like a prospectus, and sometimes it’s loaded with really interesting industry information.  Sonos, which recently went public,……

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Software sales teams dont scale

Do big software companies benefit from economies of scale? While the default answer may seem like ‘yes’, we wanted to see if that was really true. We looked at new revenue divided by sales and marketing spend of SaaS companies……

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