Questions to ask your investors

Hopefully you will be in the enviable position of selecting your VC.  If that’s your situation, you should interview your VC just as they are interviewing you.  Avoid asking the generic ‘how will you add value’ question and instead focus……

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What to do with VC emails

If you’re a startup on angelist, crunchbase, or have had any kind of publicity, chances are good that VC are emailing you about raising money.  Here are some tips to maximize the benefit of these inquiries: Emails from decision makers……

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Don’t worry about competitors

Many entrepreneurs we speak to obsess over what their competitors are doing.  They dig for information like how large the competitor is and how much money the competitor has raised.  While it’s good to know where you are in the……

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Avoiding lawsuits

As the list of sureties go, add ‘getting sued’ alongside death and taxes.  Unfortunately you can and will be sued for anything at any time.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.  Below are the times……

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SaaS valuations are strong

SaaS multiples look great and made a nice comeback from Q4 2018: of the 72 SaaS companies we follow, the average public SaaS business is trading at 10.51x revenue while the median is 8.94x.  Interestingly, the gap between the average……

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