How to restructure your startup

In any VC portfolio there are going to be companies that need to restructure or pivot.  We just had that situation arise for one of our portfolio companies: after raising $9mm+ and a few years of hard work, the team……

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Shop around for your VC

If you’re only talking to us about raising money (Blossom Street Ventures), then you’re doing yourself a disservice.  There’s a few things you should absolutely do when raising money: Shop around.  Make sure and talk to as many VC funds……

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SaaS M&A and Multiples

We recently got Software Equity Group’s SaaS M&A Snapshot for Q1 2019.  SEG is an investment bank focused SaaS companies and they put out fantastic data on what they’re seeing in the market.  Key observations from their latest report are……

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Things to watch for when selling your business

We just watched a company go through a very intense, distressed M&A process that fell apart in the final hour.  I want to share some of the hurdles that came up so that when you’re ready to sell, you’ll be……

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The most important B2C metric

Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost, or LTV/CAC, is the critical metric to watch for most B2C companies.  Generally it’s thought that this figure needs to be north of 3x, meaning the customer is worth three times what he/she costs……

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