Protecting from litigation

As the list of sureties go, add ‘getting sued’ alongside death and taxes.  Unfortunately you can and will be sued for anything, whether the plaintiff has a real grievance or not.  It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter……

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Update investors frequently

If you’re not communicating with your investors regularly (at least quarterly), you should be. Here’s why: The more info you share, the fewer questions you’ll answer. I can attest to this personally. At BSV we have a lot of investors and one thing……

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Benchmark’s early days

eBoys by Randall Stross is a classic. It chronicles the early days of one of the finest venture funds ever: Benchmark. Below are some of the excerpts I found most valuable. “When Benchmark invested $6.7mm in eBay in 1997, the……

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one time revenue matters in SaaS

Everyone loves recurring revenue and rightly so: it’s far more valuable than one-time revenue to VC and acquirers. But, don’t forsake one-time revenue. Whether it’s for services, onboarding, licensing, or some other one-time event, revenue of this type is incredibly……

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VC dont add the value you think

One question I get from entrepreneurs frequently is “so what value are you going to add?” It’s a fair question that should be asked of every VC, and my answer every time is “none”.  Don’t get me wrong, I sit……

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