VC ownership at exit

How much of your company will VC own at the time you exit? We looked at the level of VC ownership of 129 tech companies at the time they went public to answer that question. The median and average level……

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You dont need strategic investors

Strategic investors, defined as corporations that make venture investments, can be a valuable source of capital but are they critical? No. We dug through the filings of 129 tech companies and found that only 24 of them had a strategic……

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Managing SDR’s

We got another great survey from Bridge Group which looks at the SDR teams of 355 B2B businesses.  The survey is dominated by SaaS companies, and while it’s well worth the read, our favorite findings are below: The goal should……

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AE metrics and data

The Bridge Group put together a phenomenal survey of inside sales teams at 384 B2B SaaS companies.  The median revenue of the companies surveyed was $27mm, the median ACV was $25,000, and median sales cycle was 60 days.  The 77……

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Cold email a vc

Most VC hate cold emails from entrepreneurs. Reasons vary: i) cold pitches are often poorly prepared; ii) skeptical VC will say to themselves “why couldn’t you find a warm relationship to fund this” or “why am I seeing this and……

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