Lessons from a bootstrapped exit

We had the chance to speak to Ben Weiss, founder and CEO of Zcruit.  Zcruit was acquired by Reigning Champs in November 2017.  Ben shared his story with us and lessons from his journey are below. What is Zcruit? Zcruit helps……

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What founders make at exit

When a startup founder shepherds his company to a successful exit (IPO), what are the paydays like? We dove into the major tech IPO’s of 2018 and 2019 to find out. Note that paydays aren’t necessarily what the founders took……

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1 in 3 founders will be replaced as CEO

When you finally exit or IPO, will you be the CEO or will someone else be running the company? It’s a great question so we dug into 129 tech IPO’s to figure it out. Specifically, we looked at the CEO……

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Dev spend at tech companies

We looked at the R&D spend of tech companies at IPO and in years prior to answer the question ‘what is the right level of spend on R&D’. The data is below and varies by industry. SaaS spend is consistently……

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The demise of Blackberry

I recently read Losing the Signal by Jacquie Mcnish. If you were addicted to your Blackberry, it’s a must ready. It’s also a fantastic read if you want to learn how to avoid mismanaging your market position. Below are some……

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