Building SaaS Pipeline – part 2

I read Trish Bertuzzi’s book ‘The Sales Development Playbook’ and it was by far one of the best sales books I’ve read in a while.  The book focuses heavily on building pipeline with SDR teams.  This is the second post……

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Tech is recession resistant

That’s an aggressive title for a blog, but the data shows it may be true.  We looked at the quarterly revenue growth of 47 tech companies before and after the recession and remarkably, the sector performed pretty well.  Below is……

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110% net dollar retention is the benchmark

One SaaS metric we monitor closely is net dollar retention.  It tells you what percent of revenue from current customers you retained from the prior year, after accounting for upgrades, downgrades, and churn.  Formulaically it’s beginning of period revenue +……

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Pricing your SaaS product

Price Intelligently put out phenomenal content on how to price your SaaS product.  A link to the full report is at the end of this blog and it’s well worth the read.  Below are our biggest takeaways. Don’t use competitors’……

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The necessary components of an M&A bid

Someone wants to buy your business? Awesome.  Before you spend a bunch of time with the acquirer, below are the details you’ll need to know.  Much of the language is taken verbatim from a bid instruction letter that one of……

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