SaaS revenue multiples in Q2

Despite the current tumult, SaaS comps are showing unbelievable strength: of the 82 SaaS companies we follow, the average public SaaS business is trading at 17.9x revenue while the median is 11.3x. Interestingly, the gap between the average and median……

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How to ask your investors for help

Every time you communicate with one of your investors whether it’s over email or over the phone, ask for something.  The right way to do this is to be specific.  Below are examples of the wrong way and the right……

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Managing cash in this environment

Managing your working capital is a topic that glazes eyes, but in this environment it’s very important. In all likelihood, your customers are asking to delay payments and your vendors are asking to accelerate them, so if you don’t pay……

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Getting to exit wont be easy

You probably won’t be a success from day 1. You’re going to struggle and may even come close to failure (more than once). The good news: there are plenty of examples of companies that had setbacks and bumps along the……

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Good LTV and CAC trends

The most important metrics for B2C companies are customer acquisition cost or “CAC” and life time-value or “LTV”. The first measures the cost of acquiring the customer while the second measures the profits of the customer over it’s life with……

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