How to sell old patents & code

In 2017, we had a death in the portfolio.  Once all the employees left, the only remaining assets were some patents, servers, domains, and a lot of code.  Recently, we managed to sell that intellectual property (“IP”).  Here is what……

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Building a relationship with VC is overrated

Building a relationship with VC and speaking to VC when you’re not fundraising doesn’t make much sense, isn’t a good use of your time, and may actually be detrimental to your business.  Here is why: You have better things to……

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How long your exit will take

We looked at how long it took 128 publicly traded tech companies to exit.  Specifically, we used their S1’s – a securities filing a company makes before IPO – to find out the year each company was founded and compared……

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The real role of the CEO

We’ve invested in 19 companies since our founding and we’ve seen some CEO’s use their time much better than others.  In our view, below are the tasks a CEO should prioritize.  After that we’ll share some of the things we……

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CEO salaries at startups

We’ve seen a wide range of CEO salaries in our portfolio, from as low as $35k annually to as much as $325k (plus bonus).  While there is no dataset explicitly outlining salary levels at early stage companies, we can use……

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