Post-mortem on a SaaS death

At the link below is one of the best startup post-mortems I’ve ever read. It’s by a founder of a company called Moz. The business had fantastic growth out of the gate, took on major VC money, tried to scale……

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What big funds look for in a CEO

Recently, we got a hold of an investor letter from one of New York’s finest late stage venture funds.  The letter shared insights into what the fund looks for in a management team, which resonated with us.  Below we share……

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The case against accelerators

Years ago, accelerators provided a lot of value for upstart entrepreneurs.  Someone with no startup expertise that needed real guidance and mentorship regarding business formation, business models, processes, and investor introductions could get all of the above from a boot……

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Upsell your way to growth

Net dollar retention is the most important metric in SaaS. If you’re over 100%, revenue from upsells is outpacing revenue you’re losing from downgrades and churn. It means you’re keeping the customer base forever, and your current customers are a……

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Build an ecommerce platform

“By Invitation Only” is the story of Gilt Groupe. While Gilt may not have been a great outcome for some investors (it ultimately exited for $250mm but was at one time a unicorn), the book has a number of great……

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