CEO salaries at startups

We’ve seen a wide range of CEO salaries in our portfolio, from as low as $35k annually to as much as $325k (plus bonus).  While there is no dataset explicitly outlining salary levels at early stage companies, we can use……

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non-recurring revenue is valuable

VC love recurring revenue and many VC won’t ascribe any value to non-recurring revenue streams.  That said, do not forsake non-recurring revenue streams.  If you do, you’re ignoring free financing and a way to make the product stickier.  Non-recurring revenue……

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Sales hack: remove the steps between the product & customer

How many clicks does it take someone to actually purchase your product? How many steps are between your customers’ dollars and your product? Do everything you can to make the purchasing process as frictionless as possible, because extra steps and……

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Profitability isnt a prerequisite to exit

I cringe writing that title because we’re sticklers for cash efficiency and achieving cash break even. However, we looked at 100 tech companies at IPO and determined 75 of them were not profitable (75%) and 61 were not generating positive……

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SaaS M&A isn’t easy

We spoke to an investment banker yesterday about his view of the SaaS market.  Some of the learnings he shared where surprising, and a departure from what most bankers and investors will tell you.  Because the conversation was so candid……

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