Find your churn floor

Peloton’s prospectus (known as an S1) is fantastic in that the company shares a lot of data about the business. One trend however, really jumped out at us: while user engagement is increasing dramatically, churn is not declining. Below is……

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Startups are hard

You probably won’t be a success from day 1. You’re going to struggle and may even come close to failure (more than once). The good news: there are plenty of examples of companies that had setbacks and bumps along the……

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The most important metric in SaaS

One SaaS metric we monitor closely is net dollar retention. It compares ARR from a set of subscription customers against the same metric for those subscription customers from the prior year, so it reflects customer renewals, expansion, contraction and churn.……

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Customer acquisition cost trends

One of the most important metrics for B2C companies is customer acquisition cost or “CAC”. In order to understand how CAC trends for successful tech companies, we took a look at publicly available data for B2C companies which disclosed CAC.……

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The beauty of growing cohorts

Before we get into the meat of this post, first, a quick refresher: a cohort is a group of customers acquired at a particular time; for instance the “January 2018” cohort would be those customers who were acquired in January……

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