Improving B2B sales rep hiring

Recently I read “Hire Right, Higher Profits” by Lee Salz which focuses primarily on enterprise sales rep hiring.  Below are some of the key points of the book along with my commentary. Failure in B2B sales hiring is high. “the……

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Peter Thiel raised more money than he needed

If venture funds are begging you to take their money, there is a good argument for raising more capital than you need.  Peter Thiel did just that while he was at Paypal, and it saved his company.      Recall……

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Should you give stock options to all employees?

Founders usually treat the option pool like gold, as they should.  Options represent the stock of a company and if you think that stock has real value, generally the thinking is you shouldn’t hand it out like candy.  An article……

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Lessons of a successful healthcare saas exit

We recently had the chance to catch up with Chris Wood, one of the founders of Clario Medical Imaging, about his successful exit to Intelerad.  Clario Medical Imaging is workflow management software for radiologists.  Learnings from Chris’ story are below.……

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SaaS valuations

SaaS multiples are higher than they’ve been since we’ve tracked the data (Q4 2014): of the 73 SaaS companies we follow, the average public SaaS business is trading at 11.69x revenue while the median is 9.08x.  Interestingly, the gap between……

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