Structuring your SaaS sales team

We just got back from visiting with the sales team of a fantastic SaaS business that has grown 30% in the past 5 months.  Below we share some of their best practices which hopefully can apply to your SaaS business……

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The 12 rule of customer success

We’ve had the good fortune of learning from and investing in SaaS businesses with excellent customer retention and upsells. Below are some of the key learnings we’ve gathered over time. The Customer Success Team is not the only group in……

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Lessons from a blockchain exit

We had the chance to speak to Bennett Collen of Cognate.  Bennett had a successful exit to GoDaddy.  Lessons from his story are below. Cognate found a niche with a deep need.  In 2014, Bennett started Cognate within his dad’s……

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The early exit of Zcruit

We had the chance to speak to Ben Weiss, founder and CEO of Zcruit.  Zcruit was acquired by Reigning Champs in November 2017.  Ben shared his story with us and lessons from his journey are below.   What is Zcruit? Zcruit……

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Venture capital trends

We just received Dow Jones VC Edge report for Q1 2019.  The data is excellent and shows the data behind trends in venture capital.  What are the trends? i) the market has never been more awash with venture capital; but……

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