The real meaning of follow on capital

Being a small fund, one common question we get is whether we have follow on capital.  Like most VC’s, we do have follow on and generally invest more than we originally did when we follow on, but like most VC’s,……

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Dont give shares to adviors

A startup founder recently asked “so what’s the right amount of equity to give to advisors?” The answer is none.   Here’s why. No one cares who your advisors are. We’re a Series A investor and never have I asked “so……

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Twitter’s crazy story

Recently I read Nick Bolton’s book “Hatching Twitter.”  It is the story of Twitter and it is fantastic.  Below I paraphrased some of my favorite sections, but if there is any book about startups to read this summer, this is……

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Lessons from Silicon Valley

Recently I read “Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good” by Sarah Lacy.  It’s a fantastic book about the re-emergence of Silicon Valley after the tech bubble in 2001.  The book is well worth a full read and I highly recommend……

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The demise of Yahoo

Nicholas Carlson wrote a fantastic book about Yahoo entitled “Marissa Mayer and The Fight to Save Yahoo.”  Below I have paraphrased what I found to be valuable sections, verbatim; the full book is definitely worth the read.      ……

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