SaaS customer health

In software, there are a few ways to measure the health of the customer base and stickiness of the product. Zuora does a nice job of showing four measures of customer health in their S1. Processed Transaction Volume Zuora’s first……

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First to market is meaningless

There are countless examples of ‘first to market’ not being a sustainable competitive advantage. Comparing the 2018 public offering of Spotify to Pandora’s original IPO in 2011 is a major example. Below are some excerpts from Pandora’s S1 (official IPO……

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Measuring sales efficiency in SaaS

There are many ways to measure SaaS sales & marketing efficiency. One of the simplest is to look at revenue booked over a given time period divided by sales & marketing spend during the period (New Rev/S&M). While the sales……

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Building SaaS pipeline – 4th part

I read Trish Bertuzzi’s book ‘The Sales Development Playbook’ and it was by far one of the best sales books I’ve read in a while.  The book focuses heavily on building pipeline with SDR teams.  This is the second post……

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Growing into enterprise customers

Zoominfo recently went public and in their prospectus is a chart that shows their migration to larger enterprise customers. The chart is subtle, but it does show a transformation that most SaaS companies will undergo: as your product becomes more……

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