Venture capital data in 2018

We received  a presentation the NVCA made recently that reviewed the venture capital market in 2018.   It’s a great presentation and the NVCA is the authority: NVCA advocates for public policy that supports the American entrepreneurial ecosystem.  One of my……

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How much will you own exit?

Snapchat cofounders Evan Spiegel and Robert Murphy owned a combined 37% of Snapchat before it went public.  Mark Zuckerberg owned 21% of Facebook, Sergey Brin and Larry Page owned 31% of Google, and Reed Hastings owned 24% of NetFlix.  These……

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SaaS companies spend 23% of revenue on R&D

Building out, maintaining, and upgrading a technology stack requires a constant commitment to developers and engineers, so what is an appropriate level of development or R&D expense for a successful SaaS business? We looked at 74 publicly traded SaaS businesses……

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Strategic investors can hurt you

Often we hear founders get excited about strategic investors – corporations making venture investments – because the founders think the strategic investor will assist with the product roadmap, become a customer, intro the company to new customers, add credibility, and……

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