Finding your churn floor

Peloton’s prospectus (known as an S1) is fantastic in that the company shares a lot of data about the business. One trend however, really jumped out at us: while user engagement is increasing dramatically, churn is not declining. Below is……

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The acceptable level of SaaS operating loss

Profitability is not a requirement in SaaS. Of the 64 SaaS IPO’s below, 53 of them were not profitable at the time they went public (83%). Clearly a certain level of burn is ok so long as you’re growing, but……

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No two startup stories are the same

Below we present the graphics of two startup stories: Casper and Zoominfo. Both companies went public, both are venture backed, and that’s where the similarities end. Casper is an ecommerce company that sells mattresses online. They IPO’d 6 years after……

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Your ‘Break the Glass’ Plan

Sequoia put out a great post with their take on the coronavirus and suggestions for adapting to the oncoming business slowdown.  You can find it here.  I’ve spoken with quite a few of our founders as well; insights from our……

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Growing your SaaS cohorts

Growing SaaS cohorts Before we get into the meat of this post, first, a quick refresher: a cohort is a group of customers acquired at a particular time; for instance the “January 2018” cohort would be those customers who were acquired……

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